UHS Members

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Our Founder
Our Founder, Sue
Gatesville, Texas
Member #1
June 17, 2008

Miami, Florida
Member #2
July 1, 2008
Umbrella Ed
Ed B.
Tucson, AZ
Member #3
July 18, 2008
Umbrella Ken
Ken E.
Somewhere in Oregon
Member #4
July 19, 2008
Umbrella Jake
Jake M.
Santa Clara, CA
Member #5
July 19, 2008
Adrian M.
Miami, Florida
Member #6
July 27, 2008
murphy and vanessa
Murphy and Vanessa B.
Miami, Florida
Members #7 & 8
August 24, 2008


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Murphy B.
Another photo of
Murphy B.
Member #7
Will A.
Will A.
Kempner, Texas
Member #9
September 27, 2008
Steve M.
Steve M.
Rancho Cucamonga, CA
Member #10
January 18, 2010
Steve M. in the paper
Steve makes the local paper!

Steve M. writes, "Here are a couple pictures of me in Hawaii on the Island of Kona for the Kona Marathon. My wife and I were there to help support the PANCREATIC ACTION NETWORK (PANCAN.ORG) teams.  One of the pictures is of me on the FRONT page of the local sports page. The pictures were taken on June 29th 2009.  I have had my hat for years, since the early 90's. I wear it to most events that I attend."

Yay Steve!!

Laura Mc.
Laura Mc.
Chicago, Illinois
Member #11
June 30, 2010
Jerry M
Jerry M.
Chicago, Illinois
Member #12
June 30, 2010



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