About the UHS

Long ago, in a galaxy far, far away. . .

No, wait. That's a different story.

Not long ago, a divorced woman who doesn't get out much thought, "I need more friends." She thought about joining that other "hat society," but decided it wasn't quite her style. I mean, there aren't even any men in that group. So in a rare moment of brilliance she decided to create her own "hat society."

Surely she would be able to find people like her - people who have a firm grasp of the absurd and who like to have fun - to join her in forming this group. She thought about it and decided that the umbrella hat would be the perfect symbol for this group. If a person isn't ready to put on an umbrella hat and be photographed for the world to see, then that person certainly isn't ready to join us. Thus the Umbrella Hat Society was born.

Think of it; Groups of people with nothing in common but the desire to have fun, be silly, and wear an umbrella hat coming together all over the world in friendship. What a concept. And what an honor to be a part of this groundbreaking movement!

Have a desire to enjoy life? Have a sense of the absurd? Like to have fun in everything you do? (Even work?) Then you're a candidate for The Umbrella Hat Society.

As we grow we'll add to this site. Visit frequently to find out about chapters forming in your area.


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